Steam price list

 Due to the increase in the dollar exchange rate and rising inflation in our country, we see that there are increases in the prices of many products. Including the digital gaming world. Even Steam, which has been keeping the dollar rate below 2 TL for a long time, finally gave up. Here are the 50 games that have been raised the most in the last 3 days in Steam… Steam game prices are increasing day by day! Steam has been subsidizing game prices in Turkey for a long time. For example, a game that was sold for around 40-60 dollars abroad should have been sold for 800-1000 TL in our country, while it had a tag of around 100-150 TL. But this situation has lost its sustainability. Steam, on the other hand, reduced the dollar rate from 1.8-2 TL to 10-11 TL. So it's actually still subsidizing in half. However, this was a threshold for many people that they could not overcome. Because now AAA quality games come with price tags over 1000 TL. The most hiked games on Steam this week are as fol

Twitter News

 Elon Musk managed to buy Twitter after a six-month effort. The famous businessman frequently stated that he would make changes in many areas on the social media platform before the purchase. But after the purchase, what they did did not progress as they said in their posts. The businessman is planning to make a huge dismissal from Twitter by reversing a decision he made again. Let's take a look at the details of the news together. Elon Musk is moving fast to dismiss from Twitter! Founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, who is also the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, expressed that the social media platform should be a free and digital city after purchasing the company. It was even expected that Donald Trump, whose Twitter account was closed, would return shortly after the purchase. However, Musk announced that this will not happen immediately and will create a content council for the accounts in question. In other words, Elon Musk turned from a decision by leaving the

M2 Pro

 ben kim miyim?  Apple ,   7 Eylül ‘de düzenlediği ” Gelecek Zaman ” etkinliğinde en   yeni iPhone ,   Apple Watch   ve   AirPods   modellerini kullanıcıların beğenisine sundu. Şirket, önümüzdeki haftalarda bir etkinlik daha düzenleyecek ve geçen ayki lansmanda yer veremediği yeni ürünlerini vitrine çıkaracak. Bu bağlamda görücüye çıkacak cihazlar da yavaş yavaş belli olmaya başladı. M2 Pro ve M2 Max MacBook Pro ekimde tanıtabilir Bilindiği üzere Türkiye’de Gelecek Zaman olarak bilinen Far Out etkinliğinde iPhone 14 serisi, Apple Watch 8, SE 2, Ultra ve AirPods Pro 2022 modelleri tanıtıldı. Hatta gelen son raporlar şirketin M2 Pro ve M2 Max çiplerinden güç alan  MacBook Pro ‘ları da piyasaya süreceği yönündeydi. Ancak beklenen olmadı ve yeni Mac modelleri karşımıza çıkmadı.